Current and Future Challenges to Energy Security Rome 2017

A Blockchain is an open digital ledger in which cryptographically signed transaction are stored in
blocks further accepted and bonded by the network according to a consensus mechanism. This
features allows blockchain to sustain a distributed network in which digital value – in form of
cryptocurrency – can be exchanged within participants without a central trusted third part authority
checking for double-spending or ledger tampering. Since the very first working implementation
represented by the Bitcoin protocol, blockchains have been used as the backbone of the increasing
number of new cryptocurrencies but, on the other hand, significant interest and effort have been
devoted by enterprise, business and institution has been devoted to exploit blockchain implementation
in standard business including finance, insurance, notarization, instruction, medicine and finally
electricity system applications. The aim of the speech in the AIEE Energy Symposium, is to present
the actual blockchains implemented for the electricity value chain showing the differences between
them. Moreover we will describe the distributed nature of blockchain and the development of
Distributed Energy Resources. The speech will end showing all issues to the widespread of the
blockchain in particular due to the difference between the blockchain pure virtual nature and the
physical essence of the electricity system relying on natural monopoly infrastructure and state and
country regulation.

Alessio Pinzone – Fabrizio Armani,Current and Future Challenges to Energy Security
Rome, 2-4 November, 2017 – LUMSA University

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